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via POLITICO: Clinton named Al-Qaeda Yemen as terror group a month ago – Josh Gerstein – Clinton named Al-Qaeda Yemen as terror group a month ago.

What is going on over at the White House.  Hillary declared the terrorist group Al-Queda Yemen as terrorist group days before the attempted terror attack that failed on Christmas day.

Why is the Press just finding this out and why is the National Security advisors not doing their jobs.  What about homeland security?  Why is the Obama administration failing because Hillary and Gates seem to be the only ones capable of doing their jobs.



Senator Barbara Boxer from CA asked Hillary Clinton at her confirmation hearing if she would make girls and women an important part of her work as Secretary of state.    Senator Boxer then held up a photo of a little girl burned by acid in Afghanistan for attending school.  She  then held up a picture of another young girl who had her eye gouged out by her brothel owner in Asia. 

Millions of girls are being denied education right out or they are being terrorized because they refuse to stop attending schools.  Millions of girls and women are being sold as sex slaves in brothels all over the world.  These women are being killed or maimed by their owners even though they may be as young as 8 years old.

Senator Clinton has promised to make women/girls issues an important part of her state department.

Senator Clinton at confirmation hearing.

Senator Clinton at confirmation hearing.



Bill and Hillary Clinton braved the freezing cold temps to help Mayor Bloomberg to drop the ball at midnight to usher in the New Year.  I am proud of the next Secretary of State. I just hope Obama doesn’t screw things up to bad.

President Elect Barack Obama appointed Hillary Rodham Clinton as Secretary of State.  I wonder if the Obots at DU have any heads left after they exploded at the news that he appointed not only a woman but an Hawk.  They are not happy with any of his picks as it seems that the President Elect has selected a majority of his Cabinet from the Clinton Administration.  I love his picks personally because I am a Conservative Democrat.

I hope President Elect Obama listens to Hillary because this Country has to many problems for the people in charge to be Peace and Love Liberal Doves.  I believe he will listen to her. 

I am still not a believer in President Obama and I disagree with his Domestic issues but I do feel safer with Hillary at the helm at State.


The year of 2008 is going to go down as the year when the Democratic Party and the Main Stream Media used sexism to take down two women.

I watched in horror as my party the Democrats used sexism first against Hillary Clinton, a woman in their own party. Then they used a more virulent strain against Republican VP candidate Sarah Palin.  I watched in horror as Obama supporters wore “Sarah is a cunt” shirts. That is a horrible word and yet these supporters who did include a back stabbing woman.

I have watched as the Democratic Party tried to pit Hillary Clinton against Sarah Palin in a cat fight thank goodness both of these women were smart enough not to get involved with this plan and both women gave the other support.

This article was written before several Republicans attempted to blame Sarah Palin for losing the election.  I wish McCain would have come out as strong for Sarah as he did for Hillary Clinton.

I am appalled at all the sexism that I have seen this year. I never knew how strong it was. I am a title nine woman who had every opportunity in high school.  I also work in a female dominated field so I have been somewhat protected against sexism.  I am awake now and for this woman I will never go to sleep again.


The rumors are heating up that Hillary may be Barack Obama’s choice for Secretary of State.  I will say this that Barack Obama OWES her this he would not have won without the help of Bill and Hillary. He ought to be a man of honor and repay them for all of their hard work.

I do not support Barack Obama because he won the White House I am still against his plans and to disagree with the President is actually the American Way.  I doubt I will ever support Barack Obama.

I, however, do support Hillary. I don’t have feelings about SOS one way or the other. If she accepts the position it is because she wants it and this blogger will do what ever it took to get her confirmed.

http://blogs.abcnews.com/politicalradar/2008/11/details-on-hill.html  Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton met in Chigaco on Friday according to Obama advisers.  He was supposedly respectful well lets hope he has better sense not to be respectful.  There may be more talks on this later between the two.

This doesn’t change my mind rather one bit about Barack I believe he is a dirt bag. I believe he has no honor nor do I believe for one moment that he respects women.  He owes her this and I only hope he does right by her. I wouldn’t want to tick off her supporters, her husband, or even Hillary Clinton herself.


Today Senator Clinton issued a strong statement calling on Congress and the Bush Administration to take swift action to end the credit crisis. She has several proposals including halting the most abusive Credit practices.

She represents New York and the people on Wall Street. She is trying to get as much help for investors as she can.

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