Clinton backstabber #472 goes down in flames: Chris Dodd forced out

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Napolitano on the hot seat, again – Jen DiMascio – POLITICO.com.

It looks like another Clinton hater is going to lose her job.  Janet Napolitano is about to be thrown under that huge bus of Obama’s because she is incompetent and in a job that is clearly over her head.

 I wonder what she was thinking when it took her so long to make a statement after a failed terriorist attack.  How come she couldn’t explain how this nut job got on an airplane headed for this Country.  I really want to know this and thank God for the brave passengers on that flight.

1st woman takes charge of Army’s drill sergeants – WBTV 3 News, Weather, Sports, and Traffic for Charlotte, NC-

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A woman is now in charge of the Army’s drill sergeants in the Army.
You go Girl.

The potential in Hillary Clinton’s global campaign for women | csmonitor.com

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Pretending in Afghanistan

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Obama’s good war in Afghanistan into a quagmire and become his Vietnam.

What Obama Says vs. What He Does

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What is Obama doing here? He tried to push a bill through Congress before August break that the American people wouldn’t have time to read and understand this important peice of legistation. He also made sure the plan was for after he was out of White House sounds like a pretty bad plan to me if he doesn’t want to take any political hits for this bill.
He also passed the stimilus earlier this year this he also did in the dark of night away from the eyes of the American people and of course its unpopular.

GOP’s new diversity push – Alexander Burns – POLITICO.com

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I am glad to see the GOP getting more diverse. I hope to see more African Americans and women elected to state office. I would like to see them from both parties.
What this article doesn’t tell you is that its hard for either party to get women and minorities elected to state office even if they win the primary.

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