On the very day that John McCain announced that Sarah Palin was his VP. The Main Stream Media, the DNC, and the Obama campaign began their sexist attacks on Governor Palin. CNN remarked that she has a new baby and is to busy with that baby to be running for Vice President. She has a husband who is the principal care taker so how is the baby going to affect her running for Vice President? If Sarah were a man no one would even raise this question. The DNC and the Obama campaign chimed in with she doesn’t have any experience. Well I do not think they want to go there with Mr. Empty suit’s bare resume and he wants to be POTUS. Actually as Governor she has more executive experience then all three Senators combined.  The Obamarons called her a beauty queen because she won a beauty contest when she was in her youth. So what? This means nothing. She has done more to clean up corruption in the state of Alaska taking on Republicans as well as Democrats. She is also a maverick.

The second woman who is always under attack is Cindy McCain. They always talk about her past drug use which again I do not think Senator Obama wants to go there. They talk about how much money she has never mind that she uses it to provide medical care to Third World Countries who may never see doctors or good medical care. They talk about how many homes she owns? So what? This means nothing and is very sexist.