January 2010


Travis Smiley recently shadowed Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for his PBS special about the woman who will be the first female elected President of the USA. 

He is surprised that she likes FOX news but every supporter knows that she watches FOX because they were fair to her during the Primarys.   I think its funny that she forces the entire press corps to watch the dreaded FOX.   This also explains her willingness to be interviewed by Hannity and others who are not friendly to her cause.

Travis was impressed with her because despite the toughness of her job she has proven herself to be not only of being able to do this tough job but to excell at it. 

I look forward to watching this special and I am sure my admiration for Secretary Clinton will only grow.


Clinton backstabber #472 goes down in flames: Chris Dodd forced out

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Napolitano on the hot seat, again – Jen DiMascio – POLITICO.com.

It looks like another Clinton hater is going to lose her job.  Janet Napolitano is about to be thrown under that huge bus of Obama’s because she is incompetent and in a job that is clearly over her head.

 I wonder what she was thinking when it took her so long to make a statement after a failed terriorist attack.  How come she couldn’t explain how this nut job got on an airplane headed for this Country.  I really want to know this and thank God for the brave passengers on that flight.