August 2008

There is a site online that is smearing Sarah Palin its supposed to be anti gay. When you trace it back it leads right to Fight the Smears owned by none other then Barack H. Obama. The Democratic selected candidate. He has done this before when he thinks he can destroy people. It was probably who smeared himself to blame it on Hillary he is so crooked.

The Obamorans are all over the net stating that she is anti gay. That doesn’t mean we are going to let you use sexist behavior. I personally do not think she is anti gay. This from the same man that did not see sexism but saw racism everywhere. He is also the man who smeared Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton,  John McCain, and the PUMAs. He has just so many enemies.  What is a fraud to do?


On the very day that John McCain announced that Sarah Palin was his VP. The Main Stream Media, the DNC, and the Obama campaign began their sexist attacks on Governor Palin. CNN remarked that she has a new baby and is to busy with that baby to be running for Vice President. She has a husband who is the principal care taker so how is the baby going to affect her running for Vice President? If Sarah were a man no one would even raise this question. The DNC and the Obama campaign chimed in with she doesn’t have any experience. Well I do not think they want to go there with Mr. Empty suit’s bare resume and he wants to be POTUS. Actually as Governor she has more executive experience then all three Senators combined.  The Obamarons called her a beauty queen because she won a beauty contest when she was in her youth. So what? This means nothing. She has done more to clean up corruption in the state of Alaska taking on Republicans as well as Democrats. She is also a maverick.

The second woman who is always under attack is Cindy McCain. They always talk about her past drug use which again I do not think Senator Obama wants to go there. They talk about how much money she has never mind that she uses it to provide medical care to Third World Countries who may never see doctors or good medical care. They talk about how many homes she owns? So what? This means nothing and is very sexist.

Senator John McCain picked Governor Sarah Pallen from Alaska as his Vice Presidential running mate. This was a good choice on the part of the Senator. She is 44 years old with five children including a baby with Downs syndrome. I am sure that with this choice he is more likely to win. We are going to break the second highest glass ceiling.

The Democrats can no longer say that they are the best party for women. They had their chance to break the highest glass ceiling but they allowed their Nominiee use sexist tactics on Senator Clinton. The Republicans picked a woman for VP when Obama didn’t. McCain had more of a choice for a female VP and Obama could only select one person. The best choice for VP for Obama was Clinton but he blew it. He selected Biden without even vetting Hillary. He is going to lose most of his women now.

Sarah Pallen can also compete with him for the young female voters as she is only slightly older then Michelle Obama. They are both my age 44.

Good Choice McCain.

McCain/Pallen 08

Obambi is at it again. This time the amendment he wants to destroy is the First. Well he’s attacked that one before.  When he shut down Anti Obama blogs but since the Press found out he has stopped.

It is time to send this man a message that if he wants to live in a Communist Country then try China or Cuba. He doesn’t have to live here but this is a Democracy. It is time to take back the Democratic Party from these assholes and throw those bums out of congress. I feel that this is going to be another Republican year. This man is dangerous. He is going to do all sorts of things to destroy this Country that is what he is going to do.

I can only hope his big show tonight like he is a rock star tanks him in the polls even further. I am going to work even harder to make sure that McCain becomes the next President of the United States. McCain loves America.

Geraldine Ferraro the first woman on a major Party ticket as VP in 1984 wrote this opinion about what Obama can do to win the women who voted for Hillary in the Primary.

The first group are the PUMAs and Hillary nor Obama can do anything to win these women over because they are angry at the treatment that Senator Clinton got from the media, the DNC, and the Obama campaign itself. They are angry at the Democrats for being silent while all the sexism was going on. They are going to vote McCain, stay home, write Hillary’s name in, or vote for third party candidates.

The Second group are those that are loyal democrats who will vote for Obama because he is the nominee.

The third group including a lot of delegates were not moved by Hillary’s speech. They expect Obama to win them over and if he is to lazy they will vote for McCain. They are angry that he never vetted her or asked her to be his VP. This third group will not vote for Obama unless he works for their vote. They want him to do it not Michelle or Oprah or Hillary or any other woman. They want to hear from him why they should vote for him.  They see John McCain reaching out to them and telling them what he will do for them but they do not see this from Obama. He will have to actually work to get someone vote. Wow! what a concept?

Cindy McCain is visiting referees. She denies it has anything to do with the Democratic National Convention. Cindy often travels to the troubled areas of the world bringing aid and medical care. She has a blue splint on her arm from an excited supporter in Michigan and has torn ligaments.

This article was written by a former Hillary supporter who is now backing McCain. She sites Obama’s lack of experience and his arrogance as well as the way he treated Hillary and her supporters during the campaign. He calls people names then demands they vote for him.

Someone should tell the sweetie that is not the way it works. People do not tend to vote for people who insult them. I don’t know but threats and intimidation also tends to make them vote for the other guy. We will all remember that in November.

She is also mad that Hillary was not vetted as VP and felt like this was a slap in the face. I was happy that she wasn’t VP but I am also angry she wasn’t vetted. Now if she wasn’t vetted because she didn’t want it. He should have let us know this but no he is a big dummy. He thinks he is so special.

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