2009 Chickens and Their 2010 Roost.

Obama and his foolish plan to make the USA look better in the eyes of the rest of the world is making us not only look weak but also foolish.  Obama wants to reach out to leaders of Iran, Venzuelua, and Russia when they are not our friends.  They do not care that he ran on the whole hope and change thing they see him as being weak.

There has been two terriorist attacks and both of them took days for the Commander and chief to respond. Obama was more worried about playing golf then in informing the American people about the attack on Christmas day.  Does he think these people want to play patty cake.

Obama hasn’t done much of anything since he has been in office.  Its like he is afraid to offend someone so he ends up offending us all.

I see 2010 as waking him up because he is going to have a GOP house and senate to deal with.  There will be no more unpopular health care plans being passed into law.


Senator Leiberman the former Democrat who is now Independent and is now backing the Republican candidate John McCain. Senator Leiberman is working with several members of PUMA and other Democrats who refuse to back Senator Obama during the General Election.

He blasts Obama on his statement about Georgia. Obama gave the wrong response and then backtracked on his original remarks the next day. It’s funny but McCain and Hillary had the right answer to the problem but George Bush and Barack Obama had the wrong answer. Obama is worst then Bush. Bush wasn’t a racist like Obama is. Bush is not a sexist like Obama is. They are both idiots when it comes to being commander and chief.

Obama called on both sides to show restraint when it was in fact Russia who was the aggressive side. Obama just proved that he is inexperienced to deal with this crisis. He should resign and save himself and his party the embarrassment of his landslide defeat. Obama is going to lose. He is tanking in the polls and I suspect that this latest incident will result in a landslide victory for McCain if Hillary is not the nominee.